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My Top Tip's For Sobriety

The success of your recovery is my number one goal.  Everyone of these tips are what I used and still use to this day.  Addiction recovery is hard, but when you employ these strong strategies you are that much closer to freedom.  Let's not forget the act of self-love and it's importance on your journey to recovery.  Loving yourself through this difficult time will be your strength when you are feeling weak.  You've got this, I believe in you.


Why do you want to get sober? You need to get very clear on why you want to get sober.  This will be your guiding light when an urge hits. Your why has to be stronger than the urge to use or drink.


Have at least 3 people set to be your emergency support system that you can call at any time of the day.  Most importantly you have to use this list.  Call when the urge is getting powerful and you need support.  The list wont work unless you work it.  I know it can be scary to reach out but I promise you the people you choose to be on this list will feel honored you called them.


Break up your routine.  Don't do what you've always done.  Take a different route home from work, maybe take a longer route and enjoy the new scenery.  If you wake up at 8am, this week set your alarm for 7:30.  Take this time to make some tea or enjoy a really nice cup of coffee.


Take up exercise!  Moving our bodies is the quickest way to fill the endorphin gap.  Exercise releases feel good hormones and keeps you feeling good all day.  That's why I recommend exercising in the morning.  But you need to do what works for you so if later in the day is better do that, just get your body moving.  A walk around your neighborhood, dancing in your living room or throwing some weights around in the gym.  I promise you will thank me later.  


Get a journal.  Journaling has been healing for my journey.  Your journal is for you and you don't have to fear any judgement from others.  Write a letter to your future self.  Write a letter to the child you used to be and write an apology letter to yourself.  Use your journal daily and always keep it with you.  


Get an awesome hobby.  I know there is something you've always wanted to do and your addiction has always stopped you, well it isn't anymore, so go out and do it!


Find a good podcast.  I swear by podcast and I even have a page dedicated to some of my favorite.  You can find many podcast that are devoted to sobriety on Apple podcast or Google podcast.

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