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  • Anime & Manga Boys' Love example: Atsushi from Bad Teacher's Equation has been infatuated with Masami aka Ma-chan, his neighbor and caretaker, for years. He transfers to his new high school and finds Ma-chan... or so he thinks, as the guy he thinks it's Ma-chan is actually Ma-chan's older brother, Masayoshi, who works as the school nurse and basketball coach.

  • Kirino Chiba and her kendo instructor Toraji Ishida are strongly implied to have a 'thing' in Bamboo Blade.

  • Iruka Nanase of Beach Stars is heavily implied to have the hots for her club adviser, Kyosuke Honda. While he's fond of her, he tends to keep his distance and treat her like a little sister, much to her chagrin.

  • In the Blue Drop anime, Mari is infatuated with her chemistry teacher, Yuuko.

  • Daytime Shooting Star's main plot is about high school freshman Suzume developing a crush on Shishio, her homeroom teacher.

  • Kitagawa of Doki Doki School Hours has a huge one-sided crush on her homeroom teacher, Mika.

  • Invoked Trope in elDLIVE: Chuuta's teacher Saotome is introduced as she playfully scolds two of her students while pushing their cheeks against her ample bosom as they're completely smitten by her, to the envy of surrounding students, and even invites them to the karaoke. However, the truth is that she's actually a huge, ogre-like alien who uses her sexy teacher disguise to seduce her students and devour them.

  • Akari from Even Though We're Adults had a crush on her teacher, Ayako Shimoda, in elementary school.

  • Fushigi Yuugi's Eikoden OAV has Taka Sukinami/Tamahome working as the basketball coach of Miaka and Yui's old school; one of the girls on the team, Mayo Sakaki, falls for him.

  • In Gal Gohan, the titular Gal falls in love with her Home Economics teacher after being the only one who didn't give up on her. While her feelings are reciprocated that they marry in the last chapter, by that point she had already graduated and was in culinary school.

  • Great Teacher Onizuka: This was actually Onizuka's original motive for becoming a teacher- he briefly dated a schoolgirl who, after she dumped him, went back to her ex-boyfriend, who was her teacher. So Onizuka resolved to become a teacher himself in order to chase skirt.

  • This was Miyabi's backstory. She had a crush on her teacher. When she found out he was engaged, she pretended he had raped her and ruined his reputation as she spread the rumor over the school. However, this would backfire on her as one of her classmates would be expelled for assaulting said teacher and the teacher quit rather than explain his innocence.

  • Also in the manga Urumi Kanzaki develops a crush on Onizuka and it gets even stronger after he saves her when she tried to commit suicide.

  • Happens to Danma Ryuji in GTO: The Early Years. They dated and eventually got married, but she leaves him because she doesn't want to rob him of his teenage years.

  • Gunslinger Girl: Maria Machiavelli discusses this trope when she hints that Triela is in love with her instructor/handler Hilshire. Triela replies that even if she was in love with him, it's not that kind of relationship.Hilshire: Say, what did she mean by "Talk about love"? Triela: I think she's got the wrong idea about us. Hilshire: We don't have to talk about love. We're fratello.

  • Henrietta and Elsa are younger than Triela and in love with their handlers. Elsa ends up shooting Lauro in a murder/suicide because she realizes he'll never love her, and Henrietta and Jose fulfill a Suicide Pact after Henrietta accidentally shoots Jose during a flashback to her rape.

  • Petrushka is around three/four years older than Triela and loves her handler. They get a few years together before Petrushka dies from leukemia.

  • The main reason this trope isn't explored is that the 'love' is actually a by-product of their brainwashing.

  • Mentioned in a flashback in Hanamaru Kindergarten. Anzu's mother got pregnant by her art teacher, married him, and dropped out of school. Generation Xerox takes effect, as Anzu has the same idea for Tsuchida, her kindergarten teacher. Sakura, Anzu's mother, approves of this. It's played off as a tremendous Precocious Crush, which is common with little girls and guy teachers in real life. It's never really stated whether Anzu's mom realizes this and counts the relationship as harmless (to encourage Anzu to develop feelings of love and friendship), or if she's actually serious about approving their marriage before she even turns 6.

  • Hayate the Combat Butler had one when one of the Haukou students confessed to Makimura.

  • HappinessCharge Pretty Cure! has the 14-year-old Megumi Aino having a crush on her seemingly immortal Physical God mentor Blue, but is constantly stopped by one of Blue's rules stating that Cures are forbidden from falling in love. It doesn't help that said rule exists because of Blue's Commitment Issues with another Cure that had a crush on him, and was personally responsible for Queen Mirage's Start of Darkness and Phantom's Roaring Rampage of Revenge...

  • In Hell Teacher Nube, although Kyoko's definite love interest is Hiroshi, she still harbors an unrequited crush on the titular teacher coming from the time he saved her from an almost fatal demonic possession.

  • Hitorijime My Hero follows the relationship between a male student and his Math teacher (who also happens to be his best friend's older brother).

  • In I Think Our Son Is Gay, Hiroki had a one-sided Precocious Crush on his math teacher in middle school and paid extra effort on math to impress him. This causes his father Akiyoshi to mistakenly believe that Hiroki is good at science, which comes to a head in Chapter 35 when Hiroki has to choose between humanities and science tracks. He chooses the humanities track to follow his current Love Interest Daigo, at which point Akiyoshi accuses him of missing the point. Tomoko, the mother, has to remind Akiyoshi that Hiroki's math fell off a cliff after going to high school.

  • Junkers Come Here has a variety of this. Twelve-year-old Hiromi has a typical Precocious Crush on her twenty-something stay-in tutor Keisuke.

  • The main story of Seinen manga, Kanojo Wa Sore Wo Gaman Dekinai, the main characters are a shy and depressed male high school student who constantly wears a dog suit and a quirky female university teaching assistant that falls in love with his smell. It progresses from there...

  • Kin Kyori Rennai involves Umi's love with her English teacher, who she gets private tutoring from.

  • A quite important subplot in Setona Mizushiro's Kurobara Alice. The local Hot Teacher Azusa Kikukawa and her student Kouya are secretly dating... and then, when Kouya is seriously injured in an accident, Azusa makes a Deal with the Devil (or more exactly, with a bunch of rather sui-generis vampires) to save him: they'll save Kouya's life, and in return Azusa will give her soul to them to place it in the body of a girl named Agniezka, now named Alice. Too bad "Alice" finds Kouya later, and sees in horror that he actually crossed the Despair Event Horizon and become a borderline Empty Shell.

  • In Love Hina, Naru had a big crush on her Private Tutor Seta back in middle school and set on entering the University of Tokyo because Seta is a teacher there. During the series, she's still attracted to Seta, but knows he only cares for her as his former student and moves on to her fellow Rōnin Keitaro.

  • In Maison Ikkoku, Godai Yuusaku is pursued by a student from his love interest Otonashi Kyoko's alma mater, Yagami Ibuki, after he did a stint as a substitute teacher there.

  • Mazinger Z: In the manga storyline Boss was infatuated with his teacher. However, his crush was unrequited and it went nowhere.

  • In Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Hanon has a gigantic infatuation with her music teacher, who she refers to as Tarou-chan.

  • In My Monster Secret, Sakurada (one of Those Three Guys) admits that he's got a crush on their teacher Akari, but doesn't feel he can confess until he can defeat her (they're both former delinquents, and Akari's responsible for Sakurada's mellowing out). All of Sakurada's friends become Shippers On Deck, not just because he's the nicest guy you could ever meet but because Akari's been freaking out about being single for a while and they want her to be happy. Sakurada finally confesses in chapter 142, making this upgrade to a mutual version. It's still downplayed a bit as she explicitly points out the impropriety of a teacher dating a student and even though she returns his feelings they won't actually be a couple until he graduates.

  • In My Wife Is a Demon Queen, while Xiang Ye is devoted to Isabella, he can't help but find the female teachers at the Royal Academy, especially Wadley Aisi and Dorona, attractive. He even crafts figures of them wearing bikinis.

  • The Negima! metaseries does it differently, in that the teacher is actually younger than the students... but it's deliberately set up to look like a Harem Series without actually being one. The entire idea is lampshaded and deconstructed on multiple occasions; several of the students feel attracted to Negi, but are aware of how unconventional it would be to date an underaged teacher. Negi constantly worries about maintaining a normal student-teacher relationship with the girls, but it gets progressively difficult.

  • Patlabor 2: The Movie: This was committed by Shinobu, of all people, when it's revealed she once had an affair with her old instructor, while she was a cadet at the Tsuge Institute. More to the point, he was more than ten years older than hernote Shinobu was 19 at the time, while Tsuge was in his early 30s and was a married man. At the film's conclusion, it strongly implies that she still has feelings for him.

  • A running gag in The Prince of Tennis anime series is Reiji Shinjou's obsessive loyalty to his coach, the busty and gorgeous Aoi Hanamura, which borders on a Stalker with a Crush level. In the Atobe kara no Okurimono mini-movie, Reiji is constantly spouting ''... Sensei!!" at her while looking betrayed during a scene that parodies dating shows. Hanamura-sensei herself practically ogles and fangirls her own pupils when in really high spirits, both in the Jyousei and the Senbatsu arcs.

  • Salad Days: Honjou's in the school's news club. He frequently gets reprimanded by Mr. Miyagi for writing sensational garbage articles. It gets to the point the he's so fed up he decides to just run with an unverifiable story about his supervisor being violent and abusive against students. But before he could realizes his plan, a cute senpai named Ryouko Matsushima comes into the club room and tells him her experience when working under Mr. Miyagi. Her situation was comically similar: she also wrote bad articles, got scolded, then decided to write a libelous article about this scary looking guy who was rumored to be a thug. It turned out that this guy only looked scary, and because of his looks nobody believed him. It was so serious this time around, that instead of giving a comical knock on the head, Mr. Miyagi just straight up slapped her and gave her some serious reprimand about how irresponsible she was to accuse someone who couldn't defend himself of something horrible. The incident left such a deep impression in her that she started developing feeling for him and ended up marrying him. Her moving story sways Honjou so much, the next morning, even though he still gets punched by Mr. Miyagi for writing an article about "Mr. Miyagi (35) marrying his former student (23)", he still chooses to maintain journalistic integrity and just makes good, light-hearted fun of his teacher.

  • Played for dark laughs in Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei. The plot revolves around a suicidal teacher who accidentally wins the hearts of nearly all of his students, some more extremely devoted than others. Itoshiki himself rarely returns any of the feelings of his Harem ...until the end. What happened is that he had loved the First Girl, Fuura Kafuka, long ago and saw her die. Kafuka's organs had gone to the twelve girls (and one guy) in the class he teaches. Kafuka's able to possess them that way, and eventually, in his eyes, Itoshiki marries Kafuka. To outsiders, though, it looks like he married them all.

  • Reina from Sound! Euphonium mentions having a crush on her music teacher Taki, who she's known for years. This is given more focus in season 2. Taki doesn't take notice of Reina's crush on him.

  • A Hentai/Romance manga called "Teacher and Student" by artist Fuuga revolves around the budding relationship between a student and his teacher when an eviction causes them to move in together. Interestingly, there's a good deal of focus on their own concerns about the relationship, as opposed to being worried about what others will think. Subverted in that by the end, she's resigned and is no longer his teacher. Many of the titles in the "Fuugaverse" are based around the same group of students/teachers, so this topic comes up a couple of times in various forms through his works.

  • In Tokyo Ghoul, Akira Mado reveals that her parents were such a couple. Kureo met Kasuka when she was one of his instructors at the Academy, and eventually married her after several failed proposals. Mutsuki Tooru has feelings for Kaneki/Sasaki who was once the former's mentor and teacher. He eventually goes full-on Yandere when the latter leaves and Mutsuki sees him with Touka. It's worth noting he always calls Sasaki/Kaneki "Sensei" which is Japanese for teacher.

  • The story The First Goodbye from the hentai collection Virgin Night is a deconstructed edition. It's made pretty clear that Saki is The Vamp, and poor Kou is riddled with uncertainty about what this relationship is really made of. Then he gets a notice of Saki's wedding at the end

  • Makoto and Takatsuki from Wandering Son both have crushes on the same teacher in middle school, though neither knows of the other's crush. Maho, the protagonist's older sister, is implied to have fallen for the same teacher when she was a freshman. There's also a background character who has a habit of flirting with one of the teachers.

  • When the Childhood Friends from You and Me were in preschool, Kaname had a crush on their teacher.

  • In Yuri Moyou, which is about four sisters and their various lesbian romances, Ryo, the eldest sister, is in love with her student, Hikari. Despite being a couple, Ryo sets some firm boundaries, such as that they can't kiss or have sex until Hikari graduates. Despite trying to maintain her dignity as a teacher, Ryo finds out that her feelings for Hikari bring out her childish side.

  • In Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, Kogarashi had a crush on Ouga Makyouin, the master who taught him the Yatahagane fighting style. For her part, she only saw him as a younger brother.

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