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Sevastyan Seliverstov

Across The Hall [WORK]

The omicron variant spread among two fully vaccinated travelers across the hallway of a Hong Kong quarantine hotel, underscoring why the highly mutated coronavirus strain is unnerving health authorities.

Across The Hall

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The Beautiful Girl Across the Hall (Judith Anna Roberts) is a character from Eraserhead. She lives in the apartment across from Henry's and delivers the telephone message inviting Henry to dinner at Mary X's house at the beginning of the story. She serves as an object of desire for Henry.

**Sometimes, Sirius couldn't help but wish the person behind that number was really the person living in the dorm across from his. The only problem was... that person, Remus Lupin, absolutely hated him.

We stopped wondering in February of 1979. Andrea had been ill all night with a bad flu and woke me up to go to the drugstore and get medicine. I woke up fogged and grumpy as usual. She shook me, then backed away, knowing my invariable morning mood. I was furious until I realized that she was sick. More asleep than awake, I pulled on boots and an ancient ski hat, threw a coat over my pajamas, and stumbled through the hallway onto the stoop, eyes closed behind my thick glasses.

So.... we are looking at a cruise next year when the kids are on spring break. We are planning on getting a separate cabin for the them - DD will be 17, DS will be 14. We want a balcony for us, and interior for them. Booking a year out (hope to be able to book within a couple of weeks), how hard will it be to get a cabin for them basically across from us?

If the relative or guardian insists on booking separate staterooms, minors must either be directly across the hall or next door. Guests 12 and under may not be assigned to a balcony cabin without a relative or guardian.

As pointed out, they can be booked in their own cabin. I have cabins booked right now with grandsons who will be 14, 11, and 11. They were going to be across the hall, but we moved them to next door, but it's not a connecting (except for the balcony).

We just (a couple of weeks ago) booked a Christmas 2014 cruise and there were at least a handful of options on our desired deck and with our desired cabin types that had balcony/interior directly across the hall combinations open. I would think a year out, even though it's spring break, you should be able to find a combination that works for you. You could spend a ton of time online looking for options, or you could just call Carnival. Tell them what you want, and they will be able to find it. You can have the deck plans open in front of you to verify the locations will work for you.

I'd also recommend calling. I did a lot of research, started bookings online for our 2 cabins. We ended up with 2 balconies so it wasn't that hard. But when I tried to find cabins across from one another the online thing didn't want to show me cabins on the same deck. First I'd look for decks with cabins for 2 that are located where you want. I have a feeling the interiors on our deck may have held more people and that's why online wouldn't list them. I think calling them may be a lot easier. I also had an issue when making payment as it only took payment for the first booking and didn't connect the booking for dining or anything.

Thank you HeidoHo for posting the actual policy. I am on the phone with Carnival right now to get our bookings changed to put my husband in the same cabin with me and the two boys across the hall. We could have left it with husband across the hall, but we would have had to visit guest services to get his S&S card changed to open our cabin door. At least this way, our S&S cards will be programmed to open the right cabins. We will still visit guest services to get a separate key to the boys' cabin, but we can do that at our leisure.

We are a family of 6, so we have always had to have 3 cabins. We book an OV for us and the boys are in one cabin and girls are in another (both directly across the hall in inside cabins). We have never booked an adult in the room with them. But since we have the bigger cabin, we give them all a key to our cabin and allow them to come and go as they please. They were always required to check in with us at specific times (usually 2 hours before dinner and 11:00 pm). They were always required to meet us at dinner (no exceptions) and they always met in our cabin if they had made plans with each other I thought it was funny that our cabin was the meeting area. Enjoy your cruise!

Earhart and Plymouth Roads, north campus area. Arbor Lakes Building 2, first floor, room 1490 (next to suite 2-1400), private room with chair, table, and sink, can be reserved on Google Calendar; Arbor Lakes Building 3, first floor, room 1245, private room with counter, chair, and private restroom across the hall, can be reserved on Google Calendar; Arbor Lakes Building 3, first floor, room 1244, private room with counter, chair, and private restroom across the hall, drop-in privacy room -- not reservable.

Room 4317A on the 4th floor (off of the 500 hallway by the sliver elevator #4). Private room with sink. Contact Tracy Stevenson, Director of Laboratories and Facilities, with any questions at or (734) 764-7316.

In Blau Hall at 700 East University, on the lower level in Room B0552, across from the elevators. Due to COVID-19 related capacity requirements, the room can accommodate one (1) individual at a time. It has a refrigerator and sink, with one table and one chair. Access to the room requires registration by sending an email to Once given access, you can use your M-Card to unlock the room.

Personal Care Room, located in room 1632 on the east end of the first floor of the School of Social Work Building. The room features a locking door, comfortable chair with ottoman, reading lamp, sink, and electrical outlets. A gender neutral restroom is also located directly across the hall in room 1631T. Please contact the Facilities team at with any questions or concerns.

2nd floor, room 2125T, in the connector hallway between the Rogel Cancer Center and Med Sci I. Two individually enclosed stations. Email Erin Christensen at to request a link with scheduling and access information. Breast pumps provided; nursing moms must bring Ameda-compatible tubing.

Room THC-B1-393A. Take elevator 4 to the B-1 level. Turn right off elevator. Walk approximately two minutes until you reach the women's staff locker room at the end of the hallway. Once inside room, enter second door to your right, where you will find two lactation bays with curtains and commercial-grade breast pumps; nursing moms must bring Ameda-compatible tubing. Open 24 hours/7 days per week.

The 4th floor of UH South (Old Mott) has seven lockable lactation bays in three rooms: F4214, F4216, and F4218 (take elevator 8 to the 4th floor, then continue to the right and through the double doors). Breast pumps provided; nursing moms must bring Ameda-compatible tubing. To obtain the passcode, each person who will be using the room must register for access. For immediate assistance, staff members may stop by the Medical Short Stay Unit Blue, located down the hallway in room F4522 (then, be sure to register as soon as possible afterward). Please note: for security reasons, visitors should not be given access to these lactation rooms -- instead, please direct visitors to C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital, where there are about 12 private bays available.

Detailed in an article from the news outlet of his hometown of Randolph, New Jersey and broadcast by the extensive TAPinto network throughout the state, Pasquale began his trek across the United States wearing a Seton Hall Pirate T-shirt on September 19 in Manasquan Beach.

Wiley Hall opened in 1958 and is an all-male residence hall made up of approximately 751 beds, most of which are standard double rooms. Wiley Hall's mission is to provide quality out of the classroom experiences where you can develop life skills through programming and community outreach opportunities. Here, you can connect with active Faculty Fellows and our dynamic Residential Life staff, as well as student leaders from all levels. If you are someone who wants to make a positive impact and contribute to the greater good... join us!

Wiley Hall is located along Martin Jischke Drive, across from the France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center and adjacent to Wiley Dining Court. Slayter Hill, Krach Leadership Center and several retail dining locations are also nearby. Plus, it's just a short walk to the heart of the academic side of campus.

While no air conditioning may be a deal-breaker for some, there is a great alternative our students utilize to not only cool off their space but also, to meet their neighbors! With two box fans in the windows, one facing in and one facing out, and having the door open across the hall, students can create a breezy, cool space while meeting new friends in the process! Although the student rooms are not air conditioned, remember all common areas have central A/C so there is always a place to cool off if you need to.

The Excalibur Club is the official hall club for Wiley Hall residents and is focused on educational, social and recreational activities. Some past events include putting on a holiday party for local children in partnership with Lafayette Urban Ministry (LUM), Breaking for Bacon and Wiley Hall Casino Night. The Excalibur Club also offers opportunities to grow your leadership skills. Every resident is a member of the club, but you might also choose to become more involved by running for an executive board member position or floor senator.

Since I'm on a bit of a Cold Case binge, I decided to use my next Television Balcony column to see what some of that show's castmembers were up to. That - and a free Amazon Video on Demand credit - led me to checking out Across The Hall, a tense thriller starring Danny Pino (better known as Det. Scotty Valens), Mike Vogel (Cloverfield) and the late Brittany Murphy (whose largest TV credit has to be her voicing Luanne Platter on King of the Hill). The plot is simple enough (unsurprising, since it actually started as a short film). Terry (Pino) is at his breaking point, because he's sure that his fiancee June (Murphy) is cheating on him. He's so convinced that he's followed her to a cheap hotel (where all affairs take place, of course) and is now sitting - you guessed it - in the room across the hall considering whether or not he should just shoot her and her new boyfriend. For advice, he calls up his friend Julian (Vogel), who decides that he's going to go down there before Terry does something stupid. Here, I have to laugh, because you have to be crazy to put yourself in the line of fire with an unhinged person. Probably about as crazy as somebody would have to be to cheat on Danny Pino.


Welcome to the group! I believe in the power of friends and ...


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