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Touring Karts (PLAZA)

Dr. Mario appears in Nintendo Comics System's adaptation of Dr. Mario, entitled "The Doctor Is In... Over His Head". Mario and Princess Toadstool, expecting a plumbing emergency, enter the Mushroom Kingdom General Hospital, although they find no emergency. Dr. Waldo Bloom insists so and makes Mario his research assistant, calling him Dr. Mario. After touring through the hospital, Dr. Waldo takes them to his laboratory where he shows them the Viruses, and he explains that the Viruses have been multiplying. The original Viruses, inside the jar, soon break free and introduce themselves as Chill, Fever, and Weird. Eventually, after discovering that matching the colors of stacked vitamins can destroy Viruses, Mario manages to defeat them.

Touring Karts (PLAZA)

GoPro Motorplex also hosts some of the largest professional touring karting series races in the country, apart from providing a fun and exciting racing experience to friends and families. It offers a professional grade go-kart racing experience with high-performance karts.

The facility offers Centurion GX390 Karts that provide various safety features and are highly reliable. With a top speed of 55+ mph, they deliver a high-adrenaline racing experience. These karts are suitable for people above 16 years of age.

The facility also allows you to race with your own go-kart on their track if you own one. You can also rent the GoPro HERO5 Session helmet-mounted cameras along with the karts to record your racing experience and revisit the moments. You can also mount your own GoPro Camera on the helmet as well.

The adult go-karts at Rush Hour are equipped with 6.5hp (200cc) Honda engines. They can reach speeds of up to 40 mph while delivering an exciting racing experience. They have large-sized and comfortable seats suitable for everyone. With integrated brake lights and double shoulder seat belts these karts are highly safe and reliable.

For adults, VLK offers Sodi GX270 Competition Race Karts that have a 9hp Honda engine. These karts feature an ergonomic design, improved reliability with a beautiful design, at the same time ensuring racing pleasure. The overall shock-absorbing bumper system takes the safety of the karts to a whole new level.

They also offer Sodi Youth karts for children below the age of 15 who are capable of racing safely. The light weight of these karts allows them to be easily handled by young and inexperienced racers who are new to this sport.

One of the exclusive features of this karting facility is that it offers all-electric go-karts. These karts move effortlessly without slowing too much around corners providing a high-adrenaline racing experience. A unique quality of these karts is that they almost operate with no sound and release zero fumes, thus keeping the atmosphere clean.

The facility offers 20 Biz Evo 2 LeMans adult karts and 10 Sodi Youth Karts. These karts are of world-class quality that provide a thrilling racing experience. Capable of reaching speeds of up to 45 mph, these karts offer one of the best go-karting adrenaline rush you can have at a low cost.

Nogi Shrine is a peaceful Shinto Shrine in Akasaka. This shrine is dedicated to a man that is considered the Last Samurai of Japan. You feel like you have stepped back in time when touring the shrines of Tokyo. You can almost feel the spirits of the Samari.

Looking for more unique things to do in Tokyo? This awesome go kart tour takes you through the vibrant Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya districts of Tokyo on a Mario Kart. Taking go karts around the city streets quintessential thing to do in Tokyo because it is so darn strange.

During the Tokyo Anime touring, we will use public transportation systems including JR(Japan Railroad)trains, Metro, subways and a bus. We will provide you Pasmo or Suica that is prepaid transportation card. You get to travel just like a local!

Catch riveting concerts and theatrical performances, national touring acts and outstanding exhibits or fill your day with enlightening museum gallery tours. The Erie area is a proud home to many theaters and museums, each with their own distinct characteristics.

Both the airport and the touristy area of Isla Verde are located in Carolina, the town right next to San Juan. After breakfast, head over to the Museo del Niño de Carolina (The Carolina Children's Museum) where kids of all ages will be delighted with the interactive exhibits, go-karts, playground, mini zoo, boat rides, and even a real (grounded) airplane. 041b061a72


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