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Watch INTO THE WIND (2022) WEB-DL 1080p 1

Getting buy-in on TailwindCSS from our entire team of developers took some time and discussion, but once we implemented company wide, it has made it a breeze for any developer to jump into any project and quickly make changes/enhancements.

Watch INTO THE WIND (2022) WEB-DL 1080p 1

Going back to a large website that doesn't use Tailwind is like hopping out of a Tesla and into my dad's rusted Minnesota farm truck. Sure, it works, but the clutch is slipping, the brakes barely work, and it's filled with old tires we're not even using anymore.

Tailwind provides the style of bespoke design, the constraint of a design system, and the flexibility to make it infinitely customizable, without being shoehorned into making every website look like it was cut from the same cloth. 041b061a72


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