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Sevastyan Seliverstov
Sevastyan Seliverstov

Beautiful Pain

I was sittin' there just thinkin', then reality it hit meHope I feel your same pain when that bitch karma come and get meFeel like I don't deserve you no more, but I want you to be with meWe done built a bond so strong, and from that love, I know you miss meConnected to your soul, I feel it when you hug and kiss meNow your shoulder is so cold and lately I been feelin' emptyI got caught up in this fame and all these hoes, I let it tempt meIn that hotel room alone, remember I would hold you gentlyWent on dates, we took some pictures, everything was movin' quicklyManipulated, I ain't think a new relationship would fit meBut I told you we can try it, even though, I know it's riskyMind games with our emotions, swear this shit get kinda tricky

Beautiful Pain

Keep her in Love PINK 'cause I like how them joggers fit herWonderin' how I'ma play it, it was hard to get herSo beautiful, I keep her smilin' when I compliment herIf being this bad is a sin, I hope that God forgive herJust had a son, I'm tryna be the perfect father figureI kept you worried in them trenches, tryna dodge the killersTryna escape from this commitment made our problems biggerIt's hard to love with dysfunction, wish my scars was thinnerTryna forgive me in your thoughts, I hope your heart rememberKnow it's gon' hurt to see another nigga bondin' with herCan't even look you in your eyes, 'cause I'm burnin' up with guiltFor that one moment, went to far, now I fucked up what we built

The indelible Sia seems to have rubbed off a bit on Mr. Mathers on this introspective track. He shows off a surprising tunefulness, opening the song with a vulnerably sung line or two and a tasty hook toward the middle: "I can feel the heat rising/ Everything is on fire/ Today is a painful reminder of why/ We can only get brighter."

It's nothing we haven't heard before, but, as we mentioned earlier: It's all about DAT HOOK: "Standing in the flames it's a beautiful kind of pain/ Setting fire to yesterday/ Find a light, find a light, find a light." 041b061a72


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