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Tumhari Amrita Play Script Pdf

As per the direction, the actors do not memorize the script but read out the letters kept on their writing desks throughout the performance. The play lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. Director Feroz Khan was initially apprehensive about its popularity, feeling that the work was experimental for mass audiences. Its stupendous success came as a surprise to the creative team as well. Tumhari Amrita has since toured the world, including US, Europe and Pakistan, performing over 300 shows and acquired a cult status.[1][9]

Tumhari Amrita Play Script Pdf

Tumhari Amrita, An Unforgettable Play. Tumhari Amrita is a epistolary play directed by Feroz Abbas Khan. Feroz approached playwright and screenwriter Javed Siddiqui to work on script. Siddiqui in turn also liked the play and wrote it as a new play, set in Indian context to be produced under the banner of Javed Siddiqui Productions. Thanda Ghosht Colder than Ice Soon as Eesher Singh entered the room, Kalwant Kaur got up from the bed, stared at him with her sharp eyes and locked the door. It was past midnight and a strange and mysterious quietness seemed to have gripped the entire city.


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