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Tải Game Lep 39;s World 2 Apk TOP

People who enjoy platform games in the style of Mario should make sure that they take a look at Lep's World 2. This app is free to download and play and presents an Irish theme that can be both engaging and a lot of fun to get into.

tải game lep 39;s world 2 apk

One of the great things about Lep's World 2 is that like most platform games it is very easy to understand and play. Gamers are in charge of steering a cheerful leprechaun character across the screen and making him jump from platform to platform in search of prizes such as gold and acorns. While this game feels freakishly familiar to many other games that have gone before it, the colourful graphics simply explode off the screen and the fact that it is free means that gamers will lose nothing by taking it out for a spin.

Anyone who has ever played Mario is sure to love the look and feel of Lep's World 2. Although this is really little more than a variation on a theme when stripped to its bare bones, the cool graphics and quirky character offer hours of game playing fun for people of all ages to enjoy. However, there are a few bugs in the system such as the fact that acorns are reset at the start of each level.

Lep has always known the peace of Leprechaun Village until fate gave him a dire mission. Once again showing her head, fate has given our little hero Lep a new mission and he needs your help. Travel with Lep over 8 magical worlds filled with dangers, gold, and big boss battles. As Lep battles the forces of the evil wizard, he will uncover many magical items and abilities that he can equip and use on his journey. The evil wizard wants the magical leprechaun gold for himself, but Lep may have something to say about that!

Leprechauns are Irish mythological creatures similar to elves that adopt the form of old men up to all sorts of mischief. The latter are the main characters of the platform game series Lep's World, a great hit that now has its second part.

Both Lep's World 2 and the rest of the titles from this series follow the same gameplay as Nintendos iconic game. In other words, a 2D platformer in which we'll advance collecting objects, jumping on our enemies to kill them, and destroying blocks with our head. All the latter, with graphics that remind us of the old NES, Super NES, and arcade machines.

Another noteworthy aspect is its playability: it won't take you any time at all to get used to the game's controls as we only have to manage the leprechaun's direction and jumps and shots. By the way, our main character has to recover his village abducted by an evil wizard so your mission is to help him out.


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