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Today is a new day, a day to stand in your courage and face your fears. Who you are is incredible and perfect in the eyes of God. I wrote that and I know that I have work to do on my own courage. Being known as the fitness girl for so many years has made going back to the gym difficult. I found that I have old negative thoughts creeping back in, like I don't belong here, is she judging me? Are they laughing at me? I know my thoughts don't have any truth and I need to continue to work on negaty thought patterns. The gym shouldn't be a place that causes misery and if all it does is cause stress then maybe the gym isn't the best place for me or for you. Finding activities that make us feel good and alive is what's going to fulfill that need for movement. I think I might throw my rollerblades on this afternoon....Have a great day everyone and thank you for being here.


Welcome to the group! I believe in the power of friends and ...


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