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Sevastyan Seliverstov

Robokill 2 Full Versionl ##BEST##

The review is largely spot-on, but I came to a completely different conclusion. Having played the original Robokill (including buying the full version and playing through the whole game), the fact that Robokill 2 is basically identical to the original version just magnified this game's flaws. I was incredibly annoyed throughout the whole episode, and it just wasn't worth playing even though I loved Robokill 1.

Robokill 2 Full Versionl

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these friggin turrets that are supposed to help you... how am I supposed to avoid hitting them if they are sometimes dead center in the room and the enemies are behind them from my point of view? What good is a slooooooow missile turret in a room full of little swarm critters supposed to do anyway?

I loved robokill 1 and it was one of the first flash games that I paid real money for. It had faults but it looked fantastic and you went round and blasted things and all was good. In robokill 2 it all falls apart.

Splitting extra items into types A and B and allowing only 2 of each is just a bad idea full stop. You could have had great fun setting up defensive or attacking robots but the game forces you to balance. So you can't carry enough shields for tough rooms, and nor can you increase your firepower significantly.


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