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Dog Knotting Girls

Male canines are the only animals that have a locking bulbus glandis or "bulb", a spherical area of erectile tissue at the base of the penis.[10] During copulation, and only after the male's penis is fully inside the female's vagina, the bulbus glandis becomes engorged with blood.[1] When the female's vagina subsequently contracts, the penis becomes locked inside the female.[11] This is known as "tying" or "knotting". While characteristic of mating in most canids, the copulatory tie has been reported to be absent[12] or very brief (less than one minute)[13] in the African wild dog, possibly due to the abundance of large predators in its environment.[14]

Dog Knotting Girls

In the town of Diahann, girls undergo a sacred rite to attain womanhood called a Crucible. Allison's takes an extremely unexpected twist that leaves her and her friends trapped between the monsters in the woods, and the monsters at home.

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