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The rootfs embedded in the Fedora Container Base project seems to work well, and is my preferred method, as it offers a lot of flexibility. I start with the most recent stable version of Fedora that auto-built successfully. If you want to be bleeding edge, you can download the latest Rawhide image that built successfully, but I am using the latest Fedora 37 for now. The "State" column indicates build success. Pick the latest with a green checkmark.

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Download File:

To download, first pick your desired Fedora version from the active branches. For example, you might choose Fedora 37 and there find a file with a name like fedora-37-x86_64.tar.xz. Or use Fedora 36 and look for fedora-36-x86_64.tar.xz. Or go for Fedora 35 and locate fedora-35-x86_64.tar.xz. Download that file.

The downloaded packages were saved in cache until the next successful transaction.You can remove cached packages by executing 'dnf clean packages'.Error: Error downloading packages: Curl error (6): Couldn't resolve host name for =fedora-33&arch=x86_64 [Could not resolve host:].

Ok I just did a fresh Win 10 install fully updated Windows Linux subsystems and Windows Virtual Machine Features added. Installed wsl 2 thru the linx update package I linked to. Set WSL 2 as default thru PS. Created the "C:\Users\WSL\fedora" folder in the user profile root. Downloaded and renamed the fedora-32-rootfs.tar file. (I chose Fedora 32) Imported it. Ran it with "wsl -d fedora" But as Miguel Quintero posted it did not open a bash promote. Just had the same Powershell "PS C:\Users\Username> " prompt.

So there is still something hinky going on as with everything done on a fresh install fully updated and all installs and upgrades down while WSL 2 claims its running there is no bash prompt to run inside fedora linux.

I wonder if with the last win update MS made it so you can only install distro roots thru the Store. After all to download the Fedora Remix they state is from upstream its $10. Nice they are monetizing for open source freeware. You had to know that was the entire reason they got into the Linux game in the first place. Pulling a google on opensource projects.

Could you verify what rootfs version you downloaded, and what tool you used to unpack? Not sure that will be fruitful, but thought I would check. I suspect you are right that this has something to do with WSL configuration.

@timfw, I have made some changes to the article as you suggested, giving a bit more detail about upgrading to WSL version 2 and also detailing multiple options for rootfs download. I don't think this resolves the issue you are identifying, unless perhaps a newer rootfs fixes it?

Something weird though. The first time I downloaded it the file ended with the .tar.xz. But now since I originally decompressed it everytime I download it comes as just .tar not .tar.xz in the download directory. I assume its because of 7zip already decompressing it to just a .tar. I hate programs deciding for me how to help grrr...

Now I went thru the Win Store and downloaded Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and thru whatever auto .msi it installs it with I get an immediate bash window .Windows installs the ubuntu1804.exe in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps directory

Thank you very much Jonathan for a well written set of instructions and improving it. Maybe check that current linked fedora 32 download I mentioned and see if it creates a working rootfs. If it works maybe something got corrupted during my download is all I can think of. I did download it twice though and tried both copies but anything is possible I guess. But no matter I have positive results now thanks to your suggestions.

From the Fedora Container Base I download the newest distro package, in this moment this is release 20211231.0.In the download folder of my Win 11 machine I receive the file Fedora-Container-Base-35-20211231.0.x86_64.tar.xz. In unzip it with 7-zip and obtain the file Fedora-Container-Base-35-20211231.0.x86_64.tar and rename it to something shorter like fedora-35-rootfs.tar.

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