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2007 Pontiac Torrent Engine Power Reduced

If you have the reduced engine power light, then there are going to be some diagnostic trouble codes stored in your OBD II system. This is great news, since it helps narrow down where the ECU thinks that the problem is. A good code scanner is really cheap and can make the process a whole lot smoother.

2007 pontiac torrent engine power reduced

Another common cause of a reduced power condition is , if the ECU goes bad it can trigger the reduced engine power condition. It is responsible for taking the data from all of the sensors above, and combining it with the data from many other sensors to control the engine.

The idea behind the reduced engine power condition is to allow you to limp your Torrent into the shop or back home. It is not meant to sustain long periods of vehicular operation. Not being able to go 40MPH (which is almost always the case) is a safety risk.

When a vehicle goes into reduced power mode it will seriously impact its performance. Some vehicle will be restricted to idle speed while others restrict speed to 20-30 miles per hour. The Reduced Power trigger will save Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), which will indicate where the fault occurred. In most cases, a Restricted Power light is related to a throttle body or the connector.

Im having the exact same problem with my 2007 torrent,stability trak comes on ,then low engine power,very dangerous when driving on the highway,i almost got rear-ended when she dropped from 100kms an hour to 30.This problem should be fixed by GM.Had an engine misfire,and found a recall for this problem,fixed by the dealer for free.They replaced the #5 plug and the wires.Wish they would recall the stability trak,seems alot of people are having problems with it.Souldnt have to wait until someone gets hurt for this problem to be rectified.

I have a 2007 torrent as well. The stability trak comes on, low power and the check engine light comes on. I was told that it was the Throttle Assembly causing the issue. Replaced it and did fine for 24 hours and then it started again. Now they say that it is the Throttle Sensor on the gas pedal. The dealership said they have had many complaints about this and does not understand why GM does not do something about it.

I've unfortunately become an "expert" on the problems with 2007 Torrents and their fixes- for at least 2 of the 3 problems I've had in the 7 months I've owned mine. First, if your stabilitrak is shutting off and the service stabilitrak warning comes up, your check engine light is coming on and you get a message about reducing power it's probably your throttle body (that was fix #1). If your stabilitrak turns off and the service stabilitrak warning comes up and you feel the brakes applying (on their own) and you have to really press on the gas to go then the problem is that your master cylinder is leaking into your booster- and there are no check engine lights or codes for this so your dealer will treat you like an idiot and tell you there is nothing wrong with your car when in fact there is (this was fix #2). Now my stabilitrak shut off again with the service stabilitrak warning light on but no other problems. I've exhausted my warranty with the dealership and I do not have the money to keep taking this lemon in to see what's going on. Does anyone have any suggestions? At this point I'm pretty frustrated. I'd ask why GM hasn't made this a recall but with all the crap that's gone on with GM not recalling serious problems with other vehicles I can't say I'm surprised.

pontiac torrent(2007 yr only) right rear flexible brake line hose to rr disc brake caliper has over a 100 degree bend with no play. as wheel assembly hits bumps this hose will fail in time causing rear brake failure. i advised gm service manager on 11/22/06 and he was going to advise gm engineering,w/on line report. *nm

driving the 2007 pontiac torrent at 70 mph, without any warning steering locked up and had no steering control. got stopped in on coming traffic lane,thank goodness there was no traffic. steering wheel was still locked up, shut off engine and checked outside of vehicle, started vehicle and had steering. too it to dealer and he said he fixed it. went to denver and was driving down i-25 luckily on the side lane when steering locked up again and this time i went into a snowbank , stopped inches before hitting retaining wall. shut it off and started it and had steering again. took car back to dealer and had for 3 weeks and says it's fixed, but won't tell if it is going to run off the road again. this vehicle has almost killed my family and i twice. *nm

tl*the contact owns a 2007 pontiac torrent. when the vehicle is started in the morning, it smells of gasoline. the contact was afraid to drive the vehicle due to the strong odor. she took the vehicle to the dealer and they stated that nothing was wrong. when she returned to the dealer a second time, they stated that the smell was caused by the exhaust fumes. the contact believed the odor was gasoline. the smell was first noticed on september 11, 2007 and occurs intermittently. the powertrain was unknown. the current mileage was 12,000 and failure mileage was 10,000.

tl*the contact owns a 2007 pontiac torrent. while driving 35 mph, the air bag light would not illuminate, which meant that the passenger side front air bag would not deploy. the dealer was unable to duplicate the failure. the contact stated that the failure has occurred on several occasions. the dealer stated that the passenger side seat could be the cause of the failure. the seat was replaced; however, the failure continued. the dealer stated that her vin was excluded from nhtsa campaign id number 07v344000 (air bags: frontal: sensor/control module). the contact felt that her vehicle should be included in the recall. the failure mileage was 12,000 and current mileage was 18,500.

during rainshowers our pontiac torrent will start to shudder and loose power. this has happened in heavy highway traffic nearly resulting in an accident. it has been in to the shop five times and no one can seem to find anything wrong with it. it is a 2007 model year with 12500 miles on it.

tl*the contact owns a 2007 pontiac torrent. the contact stated that while using the double cup holder, the emergency brake was no longer accessible. the manufacturer stated that the vehicle was designed in that manner. the current mileage was 13,000 and failure mileage was 1,000. updated 09/16/08 *bf the consumer stated when he applied the brake, it travelled below the gas pedal. updated 09/22/08. *jb

2007 pontiac torrent (chevrolet equinox) shutters and abs brakes malfunction during heavy rain storms. shuttering feeling is very pronounced, entire drive train shakes. this complaint is similar or identical to opi # 10230804 and 10211398. it has occurred since the car was new, about 20 times, car now has 51,000 miles. multiple dealer returns could not duplicate.

tl*the contact owns a 2007 pontiac torrent. the contact was very disappointed that the manufacturer would not repair her vehicle. while driving 30 mph she heard a popping noise. she took the vehicle to an authorized dealer after being inspected was informed that the noise was the antilock brakes informing her that it was working. the contact obtained a second opinion from another dealer and they informed her that they would just keep an eye on it. usually when it rains the contact does not hear the noise. the contact called her state attorney general and they informed her to call the highway safety patrol. the failure mileage was 13,000. the current mileage was 27,300.

we purchased a 2007 pontiac torrent in may 2007. three days after ownership the power steering failed. the dealership explained to us that it was a module that was bad and they replaced. today, while driving we attempted to make a right hand turn and the car went straight. i had no control of the steering. the steering wheel would just spin in circles.

i have a gm certified used 2007 pontiac torrent that has mold somewhere in the engine compartment that blows through the air vents into my face. i have had it in for repairs 3 times now and still i breathe mold daily. gm is not working with me to resolve this situation. if you do a simple google of this problem, there are thousands of reports of mold problems with the pontiac torrent. mold can be as deadly as a stuck accelerator...

information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u.s.c. 552(b)(6) i am the owner of a 2007 ponitac torrent which has the worse system in place than the cobalt and g6 you just recalled. it has an electronic assist power steering unit in the torrent that has completely failed me two times, both while driving the car, and has completely and totally locked up where i can't even get it out of the way of traffic, and it has to be towed from the spot it stops at. and dealer i have dealt with has told me to get rid of it because it will happen again. but with the money i have already spent, it is tough to now buy another car. the unit has been replaced twice, and i expect to happen again any time now. please look into this as well. it happened last august, and about 1 1.2 years ago. i have the bills with the correct dates at home. tr updated ivoq 06/02/10


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