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Where To Buy Outdura Fabric

Outdura High Performance Indoor Outdoor Upholstery Fabric is made from 100% solution-dyed branded acrylic. This means that the color pigments go all the way into the fiber, not just on the surface of the fiber. This gives the fabrics a superior color fastness and makes the colors shine for a much longer period of time. Shop Outdura outdoor upholstery fabric for quality and durability.

where to buy outdura fabric

A double rub rating is not applicable to a fabric used for bedding, curtain, drapery or other applications where the fabric is not subjected to abrasion. A double rub rating applicable to fabric used for upholstery is obtained from an industry test that measures fabric resistance to typical abrasion that is expected from the use of upholstered furniture.

Under 5000 Double Rub Rating or code "LD" is suitable for home decor light duty upholstery use (not daily use, more for decorative appeal). 5000 - 14900 Double Rub Rating or code "MD" is suitable for medium use home decor upholstery applications such as living rooms. 15000 - 29900 Double Rub Rating or code "RD" is suitable for everyday regular and heavy use home decor upholstery applications. 30000 and Above Double Rub Rating or code "HD" is suitable for residential and commercial upholstery subjected to "extreme use". Code "LDO" indicates a selection of fabric that is only recommended for 'light duty outdoor' upholstery applications where cushions do not receive regular use and can be easily removed and stored away from harmful UV light when not in use. These selections are not intended for normal indoor furniture upholstery as they are not constructed to withstand the abrasion of regular use. If you are in need of a more durable outdoor fabric that can also be used for indoor upholstery, we recommend a High Performance Indoor-Outdoor Fabric from Sunbrella, Bella-Dura and Covington.

The surface wear of a fabric caused by rubbing and contact with another fabric. Association For Contract Textiles "ACT" GUIDELINES General Contract Upholstery ASTM D4157-02 (ACT approved #10 Cotton Duck) 15,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek method ASTM D4966-98 (12 KPa pressure) 20,000 cycles Martindale method Heavy Duty ASTM D4157-02 (ACT approved #10 Cotton Duck) 30,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek method ASTM D4966-98 (12 KPa pressure) 40,000 cycles Martindale method End use examples of heavy-duty installations where upholstery fabrics rated at 30,000 double rubs should be appropriate are single shift corporate, hotel rooms/suites, conference rooms and dining area usage.

ACT acknowledges that there are extreme wear situations that may require higher levels of abrasion resistance. End use examples that may require higher than 30,000 double rubs include: 24 hours transportation terminals, 24 hour telemarketing, 24 hour healthcare emergency rooms, 24 hour casino gambling areas, and such public gathering places as theatres, stadiums, lecture halls and fast food restaurants. It is strongly suggested that double rubs exceeding 100,000 are not meaningful in providing additional value in use. Higher abrasion resistance does not necessarily indicate a significant extension of the service life of the fabric. The Wyzenbeek and Martindale tests are the two methods commonly used to predict wear-ability. Actual performance is determined by many factors such as fiber content, weaves, finishes, furniture design, maintenance, cleaning, and usage. Durability of an upholstery fabric is a complex interaction (combination) of a number of performance tests that, in addition to abrasion, includes seam slippage, pilling, tensile strength, and usage. There is no correlation between the Wyzenbeek and Martindale tests so it is not possible to estimate the number of cycles that would be achieved on one test if the results from the other test were known.

TEST METHODS ASTM D4157-02 Oscillatory Cylinder (Wyzenbeek) The ASTM D4157-02 is a test of the American Society of Testing and Materials. A Wyzenbeek machine is used for this test allowing samples of the test fabric to be pulled tight in a frame and held stationary. Individual test specimens cut from the warp and weft direction are then rubbed back and forth using an ACT approved #10 cotton duck fabric* as the abradant. The number of double rub cycles achieved before two yarn breaks occur or noticeable wear is observed is recorded as the fabrics abrasion rating.

ASTM D4966-98 Martindale The ASTM D4966-98 is a test method of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). This is an oscillating test. Fabric samples are mounted flat and rubbed in a figure eight like motion using a piece of worsted wool cloth as the abradant. The number of cycles that the fabric can endure before fabric shows objectionable change in appearance (yarn breaks, pilling, holes) is counted. Number of cycles determines abrasion rating.

Most of our fabric selections (with the exception of wallpaper, faux leather and leather) are eligible for our free shipping coupon promotion and the item page will indicate eligibility by the display of a coupon icon: . To qualify for free shipping via FedEx Ground service, an eligible item must be included on a fabric purchase of $99 or more and the shipping destination must be a US state other than Hawaii or Alaska. Simply enter coupon code freeship2 on the shopping cart page and be sure to select free shipping as your shipping choice. Note- Samples are free of shipping charges to all US & Canadian destinations via First Class US Mail, no coupon is required.

Railroaded fabrics are simply fabrics that have designs turned "sideways" on the roll. The process was developed to aid furniture manufacturers wishing to cut and sew covers on furniture without seams. Since most fabrics woven are approximately 54" wide, any furniture piece wider than 54" would require seaming two pieces of fabric together. Railroading solves this dilemma, now a cushion piece can be covered without seams no matter what the width. Railroaded fabric is very desirable by designers since they can be more creative. When using a railroaded product for drapery, be aware of the panel size in relation to the design.

Measure the wall height and pre-cut strips to match the wall height, allow an extra 1-2 inches for trimming both the top and bottom. Make sure to align any design from strip to strip. This means "STRAIGHT MATCH" designs are matched at the same height. It is where the left and right edges of the wallpaper strip match in a straight horizontal line with the left and right edges of the next strip of wallpaper "HALF DROP" designs repeat across the roll half way down the vertical repeat and must be taken into consideration when each strip is cut. Do not cut "HALF DROP" design strips like you would "STRAIGHT MATCH" or your strips will line up incorrectly. Cut and trim product with a sharp razor knife changing the blade often to help maintain a smooth clean cut. Number the back of each strip as you go to keep your design in the correct order (only if pattern requires it).

Crafted specifically for outdoor use, Outdura solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are ideal to add durable beauty to your outdoor space. Available in a broad spectrum of styles, colors, patterns, and textures, outdoor fabric is great for use on patio umbrellas, outdoor furniture, boat seats, and more. Outdura fabrics boast a strong performance record that withstands the harshest climates worldwide. Shop our collection of Outdura fabrics in original designs to find the perfect textiles to complement your space, no matter what your décor.

Founded in 1904, Outdura is a Hudson, North Carolina-based textile mill with a well-established reputation for fabrics that can stand the test of time. Outdura specializes in solution-dyed fabrics. That means Outdura fabrics are made by combining pigment and UV stabilizers with the fiber solution while it is in the liquid state. The process imparts pigment evenly throughout the fiber rather than only on the surface. This creates a product that is resistant to UV fading and damage caused by chemicals or fumes.

Our Outdura fabrics come in a broad spectrum of styles, colors, patterns, and textures to make it easy to personalize your outdoor space. Every Outdura color collection includes coordinating stripes, jacquard, and solids that can easily be mixed and matched with other Outdura colors and collections. Browse our collection to find your perfect match.

Outdura Fabric Ovation III Samples Samples: Note: Fabrics pictured may not represent the actual color.All fabric purchases (quantities) are by the yard. Samples are available for $2.00 each. There are no returns on cut yardage & samples. Thank you. Attention: Please order a Fabric Sample if you are unsure what the fabric will look like. Not sure about your Fabric selection? Buy a sample swatch for $2.00. The swatches are 8 inch square shaped. Bella-Dura fabric samples differ in size. Fabric Samples are 100% solution dyed acrylic.We advise that you do NOT trust a computer monitor to be accurate when making a fabric selection. It is a good guide, but not 100% reliable.

THANK YOU......for shopping USfabricDepot has quantity & business discounts available.SHIPPING OPTIONS:NEW! to our options is the "Shipping Option", you can either choose USPS or FedEx shipping. USPS will not come with a tracking number. FedEx is more expensive but will get there faster and comes with a tracking number which will be e-mailed to you as soon as you place your order.We at want the very best for our customers and thus we are providing this option. We certainly hope you find the fabric swatch you're looking for and look forward to you possibly placing an order from us very soon.SAMPLES:Note: Fabrics pictured may not represent the exact color.Attention: Please order a Fabric Sample if you are unsure what the fabric will look like. Not sure about your Fabric selection? Buy a sample swatch for $2.00. The swatches are 8 inch square shaped. Bella-Dura fabric samples differ in size. Fabric Samples are 100 % solution dyed acrylic.We advise that you do NOT trust a computer monitor to be accurate when making a fabric selection. It is a good guide, but not 100% reliable.There are no returns on cut yardage & samples. Thank you. hours are Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. CONTACT US:Contact us, especially if you can't find EXACTLY what you are looking for, by giving us a call at 919-975-7414. Our online sales representatives will be glad to help you. You can also email us at We will get back to you as soon as possible. MADE TO ORDER:Fabric samples for Outdura Ovation Collection ("Made To Order") Tempotest Para Marine/Awning, Furniture Fabrics, & Bella Dura fabrics are available. (Certain Bella-Dura fabric samples are not available)Call today about roll pricing. Ships same or next business day!LEAD TIME:Our current lead time is 1-2 weeks.Outdura Warranty: Shuford Mills warrants its 8-ounce Outdura fabric for five years from the date of the original purchase and warrants its 9.25-ounce Outdura for six years from date of original purchase. The Outdura warranty covers the fabric becoming unserviceable as a result of loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew, rot and atmospheric chemicals, if the fabric has been properly installed, used and maintained. The warranty does not cover labor and installation supplied by the dealer. The warranty also does not apply against deterioration of any kind due to abusive use, accidental burns, negligence, vandalism, perforations, or acts of nature. 041b061a72


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