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Ten is a character from the manga and anime series Urusei Yatsura. He is Lum's cousin and a young alien boy who can fly and breathe fire. He has a very hostile relationship with Ataru, Lum's human fiancÃ, and they constantly fight with each other until the end of the series. Their conflict started when Ten first arrived to Earth and saw how Ataru treated Lum. Ten told him that Lum is too good for him and breathed fire on him. Ataru retaliated by using a frying pan to knock him out and block his fire attacks. He also gave him the nickname "Jariten", which means "little monster". Ten seems to hate Ataru's flirtatious attitude towards women (especially in case of Sakura, a beautiful miko and exorcist, and his own mother, who is very young and attractive). Due to this kind of relationship, Ataru and Ten are always at odds with each other.

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